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About Us

Welcome to Wild 3! 🧡 We are thrilled that you are here to be a part of our adventure.  Wild 3 is an online clothing shop (boutique) that will bring you today’s latest fashion trends.  The site will go live in October 2021.  It took a few tries to find a company name that fit us perfectly as a trio.  Wild 3 was the final name that fit our personalities and we took off from there!



We met working at a small town restaurant in Union, MO.  We are Chris, Alicia, and Risa.  Currently, all in different stages of our lives; one in college, one having their first child, and one ready for a change.  Each brings a different take on today’s trendy styles.  Risa goes for the most current and upcoming styles while Alicia represents a more edgy side of them, and Chris likes the more conservative look of today's trends.

We wanted to start a company that can show, at whatever age you are, you can pull off an adorable outfit.  Our clothing is very versatile and we all wear pieces in different ways, but still achieve the same look at the end, cute!  Wild 3 will sell affordable clothes that will give people confidence and feel great while wearing them.  Everyday we are learning about the fashion industry and ways to bring better deals.  The adventure so far has been a learning experience, but quite amazing!  Can’t wait to grow as a company and get to know you as well!  

Wild 3
Chris, Alicia, & Risa 🧡

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